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Happy clients talk about Lauradale Apartments located in Jacksonville, NC!

Check out what our residents are saying about Lauradale Apartments located in Jacksonville, NC! To learn more about how you can be a resident here, email us at leasing@mylauradale.com or call today at 910-378-7041, we will be happy to assist.

“The management and maintenance staff here have taken excellent care of me since I arrived. Honest, upfront, know their jobs and property well, and take care of what’s needed in a timely manner. Nothing was left out upon move-in. They kept in communication through my entire screening process, letting me know what and if anything was needed in each phase. My unit was renovated beautifully before I moved in and goes to show the new team is turning these old buildings around. Thank you Margaret, Shari, and Ray for an awesome experience so far!”

Casey J.


“Exceptional experience! The Lauradale maintenance team is professional and friendly. I have stayed here for a while, and any time I make a request, I always get feedback quickly from the staff with respect. Miguel and Angel are very positive and customer-focused. It was a pleasure interacting with them and getting the repairs for my apartment.”

Solset E.

Google, Naima B.

“I have lived here for about 5+ years. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t always been great but the new management staff like Margaret has been great and very helpful. She has made it much better to live here. When it comes to getting our issues fixed, all of the maintenance guys are very friendly, respectful and do their best.”

Eddie F.


“I called about an apartment, and the lady on the phone was extremely professional. Alyssa helped me so much.”

Christian C.


“I have lived in my apartment for over a year. Mrs. Von is absolutely the best. She will go over and beyond to make sure you are ok in your apartment. When I first moved here, I had so much going on in my life that I didn’t know if I was going or coming. But Von made me feel comfortable. There was a problem when I first moved in, but Von went out of her way to make my move and stay as comfortable as possible. Von has a good soul and a great spirit. I feel so comfortable talking with her about anything. I am Team Von all day! Thank god we have honest and humble people in the office again. Mrs. Von is the best.”

Contina S.


“Visited some friends here and had a great time apartment s are nice ????????????????”

Queen B.


“I had a good experience both while living there and when I was was moving out. Any issues that did arise were handled as swiftly as possible. The maintenance guys are polite and proficient. The office is staff is also very polite and fair. I highly recommend this place!”

Pie K.


“I had an issue with my heat not turning off. Maintenance came out fixed it and unfortunately it didn’t work. However when I put in another work request they quickly came out, fixed it and left a quick note telling me what they did and if I had anymore issues to let them know! They were awesome! Thank you!!”

Tanya G.


“I have lived here for a year and a half. No issues with the old company and the new company is even better. Von, in the office, is professional and friendly. The maintenance team is on point. I would refer people to go with Lauradale.”


Lauren P.


“Lived here for the last 8 Months of being in the military. Great value for the price! Tiffany and Brittany were very professional and friendly and the maintenance crew always took care of a work request with no issues. Highly recommend these apartments!”

C. Erlandson


“My BIGGEST complaint has to be from something out of management’s control, my neighbor smoked inside and the smell always seeped into our apartment it was to the point where my husband thought that I picked up smoking. After a while I got nose blind to it but when I became pregnant I had to keep room spray next to me when I got a whiff of the smell.
ALSO, the AC worked but when it was over 90 outside the temperature inside always got to 80 or higher. It wasn’t until night that it cooled down.”

Amanda F.


“I really enjoyed every interaction I had with management and maintenance. The maintenance guys were all-stars, I would report maintenance issues and they’d be fixed before I even got home most of the time. The price is hard to beat for the size, location, and how nice the apartments are. I have lived all over this area, and cockroaches are average for a first floor apartment. Part of the neighborhood immediately behind the apartments is not the nicest, as you go further in it gets nicer, but I went running and walked my dog there plenty. I lived there for a year and the only incident with crime was some teenagers attempting to break in to a few vehicles nearby. The neighbors were super friendly and always came over when there were brats and burgers on the grill, the lawns stayed nice and short, the AC, the heat, and the water never went out. Best of all, it was affordable and safe.”

David R.


“I’ve lived here for about a year now, and have had no complaints. Von is a great property manager, she’s always quick to reply and diligent about letting residents know what is going on within the community (for example: when landscaping will occur, when construction is happening, ect). They are updating the property with fences so that the patio areas of the apartments are more private from the road, along with planting trees and shrubs, and expanding the dog park area. The maintenance team is great, they are always super friendly and get things done in a timely manner. Usually if I had an issue, they were in the next morning to help me out, they were always very personable and willing to give advice. I haven’t had many instances with pests inside the apartment since I moved in; I see a lot of people saying there is a roach infestation, but I rarely ever see roaches or other critters around or inside of my apartment. All other residents around me are friendly and quiet, I’ve never seen unsupervised animals roaming the area besides a random occasional cat. The only negative I can think of is that the apartments themselves are a bit dated, and mine has definitely had some past renters who were a little rough. However, unless you need brand new stainless steel appliances or cannot stand minor cosmetic flaws, I don’t see how it would be a dealbreaker. Overall, a great affordable place to live! Me and my husband plan to be here for a couple more years ????”

Taylor S.


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